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If Only Adam and Eve Hadn’t Messed Up!

garden-of-eden-iconWhy did they have to go and wreck it for the rest of us? They had everything going for them. Can you imagine not having a government run program where there were no taxes? Eve, what were you thinking? Oh, if you could have been a wee bit stronger. Then there was the benefit of not having to go to Wal-Mart. That is heaven. Just think, living in the country where all your food was provided for you. That’s awesome.

I can’t help but think of the lavishness of not having to have garments. No fashion statement to make. No name brands to pay high prices for just to advertise their logo on the piece of clothing. Not having to pay exorbitant prices for the “Jordan” basketball shoes. There would not be any competition from others as to whether or not my clothes were better than theirs. Not having to go to get kids clothes for school in August. Oh, Adam, if only…

Now, here’s the best part. We would be not only basking in the agape love of God, but we would be immersed in it between one another. That’s living! Serving and being served. Can you imagine a life style where others bothered you so much that they actually wanted to serve you? I mean think about it, people coming up to you all the time and asking if they can get you anything or do anything for you. You finding yourself picking the food for the neighbor next door and actually love doing it? Or how about not only picking it, but cooking it and preparing it for their dinner for no reason at all, except for the fact that you love them, and you can’t help it.

The sad fact of the matter is that this is the love walk that God has called us believers to. It’s the agape love walk. It is a love lifestyle that encompasses hugging and being hugged. Serving and being served. Loving and being loved for no reason at all.

When Jesus Christ died for us, he redeemed us back to the Father. The Bible says that the love of the Father now has been put back in our DNA so that we can once again love one another like he originally intended.

It’s not an “I like you” kind of love; it is so much more than that. It is an “I really love you, and I don’t know why, and I want to hug you as well, and I know that might seem a little awkward as well to you” kind of love. However, even now, we’ve learned to suppress that kind of love because we think it’s not natural. It isn’t natural if you live according to the standards of Satan’s kingdom. People want to, need to and got to be loved. Who’s going to do it if we don’t?

Believers find somebody and give them a good hug today. They might need it, especially today.

That’s what I think about it.


Be Encouraged; God Is In Control

a330_cockpit1That’s good news!

If we listen to what every financial prognosticator says, we’d think there is no hope. If we listen to President Obama every time he spoke, we’d think no one has the answer.  If we believed everything some of those intellects in the world of science and climatology are saying, then we would think the world was going to burn up from global warming.

However the good news is that God is in control.

People, especially Christians, sometimes live their lives like there is no hope available.  Their thought processes during their times of trouble range from unsettled to panic.  Their hearts are saying, “Stay calm, stay calm, don’t panic, don’t panic–on second thought, PANIC!”

Then they start scrambling to see what they can do to solve the problem.  This problem weighs heavily on their mind.  This is compounded by the fact that other problems arise while they are working on the present problem.  Then the problems begin to accumulate.

Sickness creeps in while they are working on other problems and this compounds the problem solving process.  They miss more work because they were working on problems, got sick and now can’t work.  (This is the lifestyle of many Christians you and I personally know.  I’m doing all I can to show them and teach them that God loves them and He is in control!)

Did you see yourself as you were reading?  Did you see how things get out of control for you?

The main problem lies in the fact that you leave out the very ingredient to problem solving; God.  Yes God.  God is in control of all the things in our lives.  We can’t do one thing about keeping the planet warm or cool.  We can’t do one thing about the world’s problems.  We can’t do one thing to keep others from being mean to us.  But there is one thing that we can do and that’s rest in the Almighty.  Relax in His care.

News flash!  That’s exactly what He wants you and me to do; rest.  He wants us to bring our burdens, our anxieties and our problems to Him.  Don’t keep trying to fix them yourself.  Your God is so much bigger than your problem.  Remember that.

He loves you so very much. He cares for you. Don’t ever forget that.

That’s what I think about it.


Love Is A Wonderful Thing

320_si_207_kissDuring the campaign of President Obama, there was much talk of religion and him having to distance himself from his pastor of 20 years as a result of political pressure. This action didn’t help those who see themselves as being “religious” and only aided the cause of those who do not see the need for religion. To some he was doing the right thing, to others he was playing the role of the hypocrite for just now doing this for the sake of his campaign. I have a gut feeling that he’ll be viewed as a prodigal who lost his mind for a while and then returned to the safe haven of his former pastor.

All too often, people view events such as this and shake their head in bewilderment and confusion wondering what the real deal is as it is pertains to Christianity. People want to see and know if believers are “keeping it real.” Now, here is where it gets perplexing.

Everyone uses phrases like, “we ought to love one another. We ought to love our neighbor as ourselves. Love is a many splendored thing,” and on and on. However, are we really receiving this kind of love?

Imagine with me a world where people actually loved one another like family. Ok, so that’s not going to happen, I agree. So where are we going to get this love? And when we need it, where do we find it? Don’t you know of people that are in dire need of love? Don’t you know of people who don’t have any love? What do they do?

God originally asked his children to love others and to show His love to others. I long for our Christian brothers and sisters to become skilled at of the love of the Father and distribute it with others. However the first thing we have to do is recognize, experience and know this love. It’s not just any kind of love. It is a love that looks beyond faults, failures and flaws. It’s a love that gives someone a hug because you know they need it. It’s the kind of love that kisses someone on the face because they need it. It’s the kind that cries for the person who needs it–out of concern for them. It is a love that loves intensely.

See, this is the kind of love of which Jesus was speaking. When you understand this love, you’ve understood God’s love; agape love. A love that comprises all loves within one. A love that cares, embraces and serves others. A kind of love that is so far above all other types of love, that it is inexplicable.

Anybody need some love?

We have plenty of it.

That’s what I think about it


Dear, 8 pound-3 ounce Baby Jesus

talladeganightspubkI love to have fun in life. I love to have enjoyment with people. I believe it is something that we, as believers, are going to have to have to attract other people to God.

Talladega Nights, with Will Farrell, is one of my preferred movies. It holds a very special place in my heart. Not because of Farrell, but because it was filmed in my home town and surrounding areas. I love the movie too, because it is so comical.

The vicinity where Ricky Bobby and his dad were trying to get Ricky to drive with the lion in the back seat was where I use to take my dad his lunch at the textile mill in McAdenville, NC. The scene of Ricky hitting the woman with the bask-cart is in Cramerton where mom and I would take the laundry at Cramerton Launderette. I could go on and on.

There are many times that I meet people and they feel that Christians are too stuffy. They don’t want their way of life. Nor do they want to have anything to do with “their God.” These same people are somewhat surprised at my humor and how I like to enjoy life. It’s because I get it.

(Shake and Bake!)

I sometimes laugh so very hard at Saturday Night Live. It’s mindless humor. I guess I stay from sickness because my immune system gets a great workout from all my laughter. You do know that laughter is very good medicine?

(That just happened!)

Now humor can go too far and the principals can disasterize their shtick by using more foul language than good. That’s not humor, that’s stupidity. I don’t understand why some humorists feel they need profanity and vulgarity. Seinfeld didn’t. (Now that’s another show I like!)

My daughter, Meredith, has spread her wings in comedy. She’s always wanted to do it and she does a tremendous job with it. Check out our website and you’ll see her picture, click on it and you’ll see some video clips of her last gig. She really made me laugh at that one. I love to laugh.

Laughter is something God gave us to enjoy life, and I don’t think for one minute that Jesus never laughed. Yes Jesus. Now there is one man who could have had a great sense of humor. I know he was here on a mission, but He was also our example and representative of the Father. I do wish that the writers of the gospels would have added slightly more about the laughter of Jesus.

So, enjoy your day, laugh a lot and stay well.

And remember, if you’re not first, you’re last.

That’s what I think about it.


NCIS: Is Jethro Gibbs Right?

tv_ncis01I was watching one of my favorite TV programs recently and a character, played by actor Mark Harman (named Special Agent Jethro Gibbs), made a statement that got me to thinking. He said, “Everybody has something to lie about.” I found that quite interesting.

I started to write about the privilege of being a trustworthy person because, in essence, that’s what Agent Gibbs was talking about. You give others the ability whether or not to trust you based on your credibility.

Credibility. Now that’s a word we don’t use very much any more. But isn’t that what we want those around us to be? Credible? The word means “easy to believe.” This person inspires trust and confidence.

Agent Gibbs reminded me of many people I’ve met and known in my life; people who would tell you one thing and do another. People with whom you thought you could trust and believe only to find out later that you couldn’t.

Have you ever heard anybody say, “I don’t promise anything or commit to anything because I don’t like to lie or break my promise?” These people are the ones who, more than likely, don’t commit to anything or trust anyone else. I’d bet they don’t even trust themselves for that matter.

Then there are the people who will tell you a lie just to get you off their backs. They will look you in the eye, email you or even leave you a phone message and you know as soon as you see or hear who it is, you know you cannot count on them.

Does everybody have something to lie about? I would hope not. But the sad fact of the matter is that the majority of people do have something to lie about. There is a hidden pot of trash in people’s lives that they don’t want you to find or see. It’s the wastebasket where a lie or a broken promise can be wadded up, thrown into and no one will be the wiser.

Many people make despairing remarks about how Christians lie and don’t do this or the other. Let’s be honest. People are people, especially Christians. Those who say this about Christians are people who want to take advantage of the goodness that Christians should have. Many people do business with those they already know before hand and how they are going to be. They just hope they won’t be like they expect them to be. And when they are, they rail on the very thing they knew was going to happen.

Yes, there are people that you and I know that will lie to make themselves look good. They will cover up the truth for their own selfish reasons. I’m sorry about that. But it’s the truth.

Hey Jethro, you might be right about this one.

That’s what I think about it


Tattoos: Not For Me

religious-christian-jesus-neck-tattoos-flash-designs-tattoo-pictures-gallery-tattoo-art2Tattoos have been around for as long as anyone can remember. They are an art to themselves. Some people have dedicated their lives to doing the work of tattoos. Some call it skin art. Others have used their bodies as a canvas for tattoo artists.

In doing research for this topic I found four interesting facts from a Harris Survey.

o Thirty-six percent of those ages 18 to 25, and 40 percent of those ages 26 to 40, have at least one tattoo, according to a fall 2006 survey by the Pew Research Center.

o The National Geographic News stated in April 2000 that 15% of Americans were tattooed (or approximately 40 million people!)

o Esquire Magazine estimated in March 2002 that 1 in 8 Americans was tattooed.

o According to the American Society of Dermatological Surgery, they stated in 2005, that of all the people they treat with laser and light therapy, only 6% are getting a tattoo removed.

o Harris Poll, 2003, estimates that fully 36% of those aged 25-29 have one or more tattoos.

o A 2006 a study done by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that 24% of Americans between 18 and 50 are tattooed; that’s almost one in four. And the survey showed that about 36% of Americans age 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo!

There are Christians who feel that having a tattoo is taboo. They adhere to the Old Testament principal that marking up your body is wrong. Other Christians have no problem with it and many have religious tattoos placed on their body to honor God.

Some Christians do it for fun. Some out of curiosity.

Me? Well I’ve thought about it several times. Sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes out of doing something I had never done before. As my personal belief whether it is right or wrong? I think this one is totally up to the individual and his relationship to God. I don’t find anything wrong with doing it as long as it is in good taste.

Now would I get one? Most likely not. For reasons you might be surprised. I dislike anything with pain. I definitely don’t like the idea of a needle blasting my skin so many times. But then again, I’m won’t rule it out either.

That’s what I think about it.