People Who Speak Anything Other Than English Scare Me!

skydiving-sunsettandemDo you realize, understand and know that there are people in our civilization that when they hear other people speaking in a tongue other than English, that it creeps them out and causes fear to come into their hearts? Yes, it is true.

I’ve had people tell me that if they hear someone speak in a different tongue and dialect that it makes them feel uncomfortable and eerie. I can’t understand it, and I often wonder why they are like that.

Can you imagine what that would be like?

Let’s say you go into a convenience store and someone begins to speak with a Spanish tongue and you begin to look around nervously and wish that they wouldn’t do that. You think it’s not right to speak in a foreign tongue without there being an interpreter around. You wish they would quit that.

Then, there are some who feel that people who don’t speak in English are absolutely crazy. Can you believe the prejudice and bias of such people? I mean there will be people in our lives that we will encounter that will speak German, French, Italian or some other language. These people are not lunatics; they are good people who just happen to know another tongue of language.

I’ve been in church where there were visiting missionaries and the minister would ask them to pray in the tongue from the mission field where they minister. I had no clue what they were saying, but there were so many people who said, “I love it when I hear them speak in their tongue.” Good thing others weren’t there that I have met, they would have walked out of church and never come back because they would have thought these people were out of their minds. Others would have been fearful and would have probably started screaming for someone to help them.

I have assumed that these people that I just described feel that way about foreign languages because of their attitude toward the Biblical topic of the gift of tongues, whether private or corporate, being practiced in their private lives or in their church. I have heard people say that “tongues” causes them to be fearful; so I simply assumed they were fearful of all foreign languages. I’ve heard them say that people who practice this gift were somehow deranged and with consistency in mind here, they most likely think all people who speak in some language that they don’t understand were somewhat “off their rocker” as well.

See how absurd we can get in the Christian life? Just because we’ve never experienced it, or don’t believe it’s real, we believe those who do are mentally deranged, nuts or somewhat disturbed. I believe in the secular world we call that being prejudice or bias. And in our society, we frown on people who are like that.

Just because one has never experienced, tried or thought it was right for someone to jump out of an airplane, doesn’t mean that everyone who does it is somehow mentally incompetent!

We need to make a readjustment of our religious attitude toward those who believe in the gifts of the Spirits and, in particular, those who exercise “speaking in a heavenly language.” Their beliefs and practices are for them personally and they don’t affect others in any way shape or form.

So, don’t be afraid when you hear someone speaking a language you don’t understand. After all, they could be praying for you.

That’s what I think about it.



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