Christian Cannibalism On the Rise!

cannibal-zoomIt is so incredible to me how we have so many believers in our community, state, country and world and we still can’t agree on enough similarities to bring us together. If we would, that could ultimately make us such a powerful force in the world. This force would impact lives for the greater good of Jesus Christ.

I’ve been allied with groups that had “lines of demarcation,” not for unbelievers, but for believers. If you had long hair you couldn’t be a leader. If you listened to music where the strong beats were on two and four you were considered “worldly” and unusable in the church. (I’m not making this stuff up!) Clapping in the church was not allowed.

Now we have to have traditional or contemporary services to try to please everyone. The preachers must wear liturgical garb, suits or shirts that are not tucked in and jeans. The choir wears robes or their best attire or no choir allowed–only praise teams. People can wear jeans or what they want to or they must be dressed in suits, ties or dresses. The 11 o’clock hour on Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America. White people don’t know how to have “church” and African –American churches are just too emotional. We either know how to “flow in the Spirit” or we do not stand unless there is an asterisk beside that part of the order in the church bulletin.

We eat our own. We devour our brothers and our sisters. We consume that which we should be edifying. If we don’t agree with them, we become at odds with them. If they don’t agree with us, we are looked upon with disdain and contempt. If they don’t play by our rules we kick them out of the game of “church and religion.”

Can we not hear what we are saying?

Can we not see what we are doing to each other?

Where is the Christian leadership of our communities? Who is stepping up to the podium to say, “Follow me, we will get the work done?” Where are those who understand what it’s going to take to get Virginia and America back to where we trust God once again?

At this point we can’t agree on anything much less try to be a force for the enemy to reckon with. I am sorry that we cannot. We should be doing a much better job at getting along.

We have got to become less disturbed about theological differences and more concerned about attacking the adversary. Word here; our brothers and sisters in Christ are not our opponents. Let us vent our resentment where it should be vented; at Satan.

We have to be as David and say, “Is there not a cause?”

Let us resolve to make a greater impact for Christ beginning today than ever before.

That’s what I think about it.


2 responses to “Christian Cannibalism On the Rise!

  1. Surely you hadn’t room for all of the dividing lines, so I will use the space to add my personal favorites: “drums”, “flailing hands”, “too many microphones”, “disrespect for the organ by not using it in every service”, “pastor who doesn’t stand at the pulpit”, and my favorite “the positioning of the screen for praise and worship – it may block some symbol that is special to someone’s relative”. I have seen church fights and divisions and even departures over these issues. You wonder who is in control of a church that allows such nonsense? Certainly not God.

  2. Sorry, but I’m laughing out loud! Thank God I have been in a “normal” church long enough that this kind of stuff is funny to me. It wasn’t so funny when I was in it. There are many Goliaths in our land but we believers put more value in our opinions than in fighting the good fight of faith. Help me, Tom Cruise. 🙂

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