Wife or Mother, Husband or Son? Your Mates’ Confusion

question_mark_redHave you ever heard about or read the story about a character by the name of Oedipus? He was a young man who killed his father and married his mother as told in Greek mythology.

Sounds preposterous, doesn’t it? Well, don’t be too anxious to come to that conclusion.

You see–there are many men and women in western society, which includes being a part of the church, where these roles are confused, and the lines are blurred. There are men who have married a wife that slowly morphed into the role of his mother. Just the same, there are women who have married a husband, who too has slowly confused that role and manifested characteristics of being her son. Both are recipes for disaster.

Men who have expected to have wives as equal partners in marriage only come to later regret that because they feel they are mothered. The wife here unknowingly treats her husband as if he were her son.

What is so unfortunate about this situation is that the husbands find themselves feeling guilty that their wife/mother will not approve of them and they find themselves having to get permission before acting in freedom. Many of these marriages end in frustrated divorce.

Women who expected to have husbands as equals only find themselves having one more child than their natural responsibility had given them, and that would be their husband. He becomes so dependent and immature that she has to “raise” him and nurture him to the point of unnatural attention and affection. In fact, many in this scenario find the husbands actually calling their wives “mother.”

The Bible intended for our marriage roles to be firmly entrenched by actions where there are no mistaking responsibility characteristics.

A husband is to be a man taking joint authority of the home with his wife, not his mother, and treat her with such respect.

A wife is to share the authority of her home with her husband, not her son, and treat him as his position was intended.

The husband has to understand the difference between self initiated courtesy and asking for permission. The wife must comprehend that she is not the judge and jury of her husband but his support, confidant and comrade. Understanding these roles will make a marriage stronger-not weaker.

Husbands, be the man you ought to be and that is “mature and responsible.” Wives, be the woman you are meant to be and that is “loving and caring.”

This can only happen when both partners assume their God given roles. It will not work if one or the other fails at their responsibility. I am sorry if it might be that way for you.

That’s what I think about it.

DTW – http://www.exaltationchurch.com


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