My God, What Is This World Coming To?

gunmanOn Sunday morning, March 8, 2009, a deranged and violent person causally waltz into the First Baptist Church in Maryville, Illinois and unloaded 4 rounds toward the pastor as he stood in the pulpit, with one of the rounds finding their target in the chest of the pastor. The pastor died as a result of this senseless act.

A while back in January, a Richmond, VA pastor was attacked in his study on an early Saturday morning by two men who came in and demanded money. He was stabbed several times and beaten.

While these are two examples of senseless acts of violence, random at best, it still causes one to ponder and consider what in God’s name is going on in America.

Then there are the gun control advocates who want to take away the guns from the law abiding citizens–which really means that it would only cause more people to be in harms way without having a means in which to protect themselves.

Had there been someone in the congregation who was a law abiding citizen with a concealment license and having his weapon on him or her, that pastor might still be living.

In the case of the Richmond Pastor, had he had a gun nearby, he could have used it for the purpose of thwarting off his attackers or fully disengaging their acts of crime by stopping them in their tracks temporarily or permanently.

You say, “We don’t need guns.” No, but what are we going to do if we DO need one?

I have people say to me, “Pastor, God’s going to take care of us.” I know that.

I also know that God gave us a great brain, super good logic and reasoning. I also realized that if David had not had that sling the day that sword-toting giant threatened him, he would have been up that creek where he got those five stones, with out a paddle.

I’m glad that the Bible tells us Nehemiah stationed guards around the city with swords in the people’s hands as they rebuilt the city God had called him to rebuild and restore.

Look, with the economy in jeopardy, crime will become rampant. People will become more depressed because the money god they depend on isn’t working out for them. When a person needs money and they don’t have it and their hopes of getting it look slim to none, they will do whatever is necessary to get it. Mark it down.

As believers, let’s be smart and don’t stick our heads in the sand as it relates to protecting ourselves. And let’s not be so religious that we inwardly fear that which we think might come upon us.

That’s what I think about it.



5 responses to “My God, What Is This World Coming To?

  1. I’m not saying my News makes any sense or is Interesting; however I’m not a journalist either, but there is a lot of worth wild news to report on and along with that some positive, factual and informative news instead of looking for negative news.

  2. John 15:13

    “I’ll give up my guns when they pry my cold dead fingers from around them.”

  3. Wow, contraversial subject…but you like those don’t you. A year or two ago a robber entered an ice cream store in Richmond’s southside, the store clerk had a gun and shot the robber as he fled the scene. That clerk was tried for murder and has to live with fact that he took someone elses life, who gave us that right? Thou shalt not kill…but you can wound them really good and if you are off by just a little that is okay too??? I did not learn it that way. You place yourself as Judge and Jury when you make the decision to fire that gun. And what if you miss and hit an innocent, how would that impact your life? Way to much to contemplate this time of the evening. And that’s only part of what I think about it.

  4. Seems logical that if all the good guys hand over their weapons, the good guys have no weapons and the bad guys do.

    Sorry for the elementary approach, but if you have been in a situation that warranted protection beyond a reasoning word or a clenched fist, you would understand why MANY people seek after a concealment license with the “right to bear arms.”

    As in all areas of life, knowledge is imperative, while lack thereof remains primitive at best. I, diplomatically, understand the views from both sides. However, as for me and my house…we like to tout the popular “if you come in to harm us, you can walk out or you can fall out.” Period. End of story.

  5. wonder if jc would have that same opinion if she or her family were faced
    with a life threatning situation? i would much rather have on my conscience the outcome of defending my families security than to be greeting guests at mine or my families funeral….as for “who gave us the
    right” WAKE UP AMERICA, REMEMBER THAT DOCUMENT CALLED THE CONSTITUTION????…”INALIENABLE RIGHTS”! GOD mandates us to protect our families, NOT for the government to do so…AMEN.

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