Don’t Believe The Lie

eveappleI was in a meeting once where a man said, “nobody wants Jesus Christ shoved down their throat.” But then I had to ask the question, “Who is doing that?” When is the last time someone tried to shove Jesus Christ “down your throat?” No, stranger, no one I’ve ever met for the very first time has ever tried. Maybe I am different.

So, I thought about the origins of that statement, and I immediately found it to be nothing more than a scare tactic; a complete fabrication of the truth. A lie.

The sad fact of the matter is that we have accepted it–hook, line and sinker. The place we feel we cannot share one good thing about Jesus is at work. Go ahead, admit it. You are concerned that if you share, one of two things will happen; one, you will be embarrassed by others and two, you will (more than likely) be called in to the boss. Right?

Don’t believe the lie.

You have the greatest answer in the world for your friends and family’s problems. You have what they are looking for. If you, for one minute, hesitate to give them the answer, they could end up messing things up for their lives and others because you believed the lie.

They need you. They want you to share. They are looking for answers and you have them.

Why carry around the very medicine that people need in time of trouble and not give it to them?

Let me give you a hand here.

Someone has constant health problems. You know it and so does everybody else. Now, once they understand the relationship factor of peace with Jesus Christ, the stress and problematic lifestyle they have been living goes down on the charts. They begin to feel better in their body, they spend less money at the doctor’s and they become a happy person once again. See what it is? It is all because YOU took the time to share about the peace of Jesus Christ.

(Your boss will appreciate it too.)

Now, open up those medicine bags and begin sharing.

That’s what I think about it.



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