Field Generals of Faith

weweresoldiersA field general is one that takes charge of his men, not just in speech, but also in action. They see him doing–not just saying. He’s a player, not a cheerleader.

A pastor is very much like a field general. He must not be one who barks out orders and waits to see what happens. Contrarily, he must lead in confidence knowing that what he says and does has been asked of him by his commander; the Lord Jesus Christ. He must be fully convinced of, not only what he says, but also what he does.

He must be one who understands the ministry and it’s successes. He also must understand how to prevent failure. He must be one whose metal psyche has been tried, tested and “passed muster.” He has to have the full support of those in his care, guided by his confident demeanor, wisdom and prayerful attitude.

The pastor must not only teach about faith and works, he must show his faith by his works. He does not just cheer people on to victory as some excited cheerleader, but leads in victory by his uncompromising and undeniable faith in Christ.

A pastor must have a track record of fresh faith victories. Victories in the past are great, but they become repetitive and stale; fodder for worn out, dated war stories. People need spiritual leaders who are strong in their vision, purpose and calling. Pastors fall (many times) into the trap of encouraging people to be what they themselves are not. It is at this point where his followers will cease to become courageous. Instead, fear and doubt will become familiar companions once again.

A field general will be passionate about the vision. He will be the one who goes after the fallen (in the midst of the hail of fire from the enemy) when he needs to. He will be the one who shows what love is–rather than telling about it.

No one imitates a cheerleader except another cheerleader. However, a “pay-er” in the stands of a football game will identify with the “play-er” on the field. See, because we love the field general, the captain and the coach.

That’s what I think about it.



One response to “Field Generals of Faith

  1. Well said.

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