Christians Are Like Soft Drinks

cheerwineI was sitting here at my computer sipping on a diet Coke and started thinking, “yeah, Christians are like soft drinks.” Here is what I surmised.

Now, first of all, this will be subjective because of my particular fondness to one particular drink; Cheerwine. Cheerwine is a popular North Carolina soda made in Salisbury, NC. Naturally.

There are Christians that are like Cheerwine; like a breed of Christians unto themselves. I love this type of Christian. They are go-getters. They are bold and courageous. Cheerwine has nothing to whine about and neither do these Christians. They are very rare. They don’t let anything bother them. They are not the kind that goes around and tries to get people on board with their preferences. Nope, Cheerwine can hold it’s own.

How about Diet Coke? Ah now these are the Christians that don’t like a lot of spirituality in their lives. They only attend Sunday Morning Services. They don’t care for much more than that. They are so close to the real thing that they are almost like the real thing, but not quite. You put theses Christians beside the Coke Christians and you’ll find that the Coke Christians are sweeter and more likeable.

Then there are the Mountain Dew Christians. They don’t have a lot of color to them as to their substance but they are exciting to be around. These are your hyper Pentecostal Christians. If Mountain Dew could, it would be one who shouted, danced and waved his arms in church. He is the type that the other soda Christians likes to be around. He has so much more spiritual caffeine in him. He just likes to have church, that’s all. There’s no Bible study to this soda, no Sunday school for him, he’s all into praise and worship. Hallelujah!

Then, finally, we have the Coke Christian; the #1 Christian among soft drinks. They are the real deal. They are not Chek colas, no Mr. Drink-Me sodas—no, when you get around them they are cold, refreshing and “burn your throat when they go down” type of Christians. They are the kind that cannot be imitated because their Christianity rests with Jesus Christ, and their secret is locked in the vault of their heart. No sir, there’s no pretending with these soda Christians.

That’s what I think about it.



2 responses to “Christians Are Like Soft Drinks

  1. I just heard a collective shout coming from pastors’ offices across the nation…because I’m pretty sure you just gave them their sermon outline for Sunday…and now they’re heading to the golf course! 🙂 Seriously, that would preach. And I’ll never be able to drink my morning Diet Coke now without being challenged to be the real thing. Thanks for the encouragement. In my book, Mr. Blog Man, your a hybrid – part Cheerwine, part Coke, with a smidgen of Mountain Dew on the side.

  2. make mine a coke zero, just as sweet as the real thing but without the calories!!

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