Headlines: Sen. Grassley Swallows A Camel While Straining A Gnat!

Televangelists FinancesDon’t you find it quite remarkable with me, that in November of 2007, Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee at that time, called for the investigation of six prominent Christian ministries? His reason was to uncover the possible financial misconduct that had occurred; curiously while there were MAJOR (VERY MAJOR) corruption and misappropriations going on in secular boardrooms across America that he ignored?

These are the kinds of things that make you want to say, “Mmmmmmmmmm?”

Jesus said these people strain for a gnat while swallowing a Camel. The idea behind this quote was when the people would use cloths to strain the liquid for their drink; they would try to keep any insects or bugs from going into it. Jesus said while they were concentrating on small things, they were ignoring the bigger things.

It almost makes one wonder if there is any truth to the Oliver Stone-type conspiracies that say the government is really targeting Christians in an effort to keep them silent. Could it be that this present administration is going to manifest that theory in building the wall of separation higher between Church and State so that believers have no rights at all?

So, Grassley looks for the Copeland’s, the Longs, the Meyers, the Hinn’s and others while ignoring the Madoffs, the CEO’s of AIG and the Wall Street money laundering magicians. He, while looking to be upstanding and right, truly only gave us more proof that you can’t always believe what you see and hear out of the “best” of Washington.

So many believers jumped on the right wing of his political air machine as he flew through the conservative Christian wheat fields, hoping to mow down some of what he considered tares among the wheat. While in the back room of Grassley’s political church of the most righteous, the moneychangers of Wall Street firms were selling off American’s assets to the devil. Hey, fellow brothers and sisters of Christ, we forgive you. Just be more discerning next time.

As usual, Jesus is right. We have to watch out for those who will strain a gnat and swallow a camel. He called them hypocrites.

Somebody call 911! Grassley is choking on some camel meat.

That’s what I think about it.



One response to “Headlines: Sen. Grassley Swallows A Camel While Straining A Gnat!

  1. Excellent blog. Thank you for pointing out the truth.

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