NCIS: Is Jethro Gibbs Right?

tv_ncis01I was watching one of my favorite TV programs recently and a character, played by actor Mark Harman (named Special Agent Jethro Gibbs), made a statement that got me to thinking. He said, “Everybody has something to lie about.” I found that quite interesting.

I started to write about the privilege of being a trustworthy person because, in essence, that’s what Agent Gibbs was talking about. You give others the ability whether or not to trust you based on your credibility.

Credibility. Now that’s a word we don’t use very much any more. But isn’t that what we want those around us to be? Credible? The word means “easy to believe.” This person inspires trust and confidence.

Agent Gibbs reminded me of many people I’ve met and known in my life; people who would tell you one thing and do another. People with whom you thought you could trust and believe only to find out later that you couldn’t.

Have you ever heard anybody say, “I don’t promise anything or commit to anything because I don’t like to lie or break my promise?” These people are the ones who, more than likely, don’t commit to anything or trust anyone else. I’d bet they don’t even trust themselves for that matter.

Then there are the people who will tell you a lie just to get you off their backs. They will look you in the eye, email you or even leave you a phone message and you know as soon as you see or hear who it is, you know you cannot count on them.

Does everybody have something to lie about? I would hope not. But the sad fact of the matter is that the majority of people do have something to lie about. There is a hidden pot of trash in people’s lives that they don’t want you to find or see. It’s the wastebasket where a lie or a broken promise can be wadded up, thrown into and no one will be the wiser.

Many people make despairing remarks about how Christians lie and don’t do this or the other. Let’s be honest. People are people, especially Christians. Those who say this about Christians are people who want to take advantage of the goodness that Christians should have. Many people do business with those they already know before hand and how they are going to be. They just hope they won’t be like they expect them to be. And when they are, they rail on the very thing they knew was going to happen.

Yes, there are people that you and I know that will lie to make themselves look good. They will cover up the truth for their own selfish reasons. I’m sorry about that. But it’s the truth.

Hey Jethro, you might be right about this one.

That’s what I think about it



One response to “NCIS: Is Jethro Gibbs Right?

  1. As I sipped on my daily serving of CaffPow, I found that I concur with Gibbs. Everyone does have something to lie about. Whether they choose to lie about it is the real dilemma for the Christian and non-Christian. Choosing to tell the truth is very hard for most folks because we want others to think the best of us…and we don’t want to be accountable – two problems that worsen when we do not tell the truth. However, I have no use for people who say everything they want to – mean things, hurtful things, fussy things – hiding it under the cloak of honesty. That’s not honesty, that’s self-centeredness. And I’m being honest when I say that.

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