Dear, 8 pound-3 ounce Baby Jesus

talladeganightspubkI love to have fun in life. I love to have enjoyment with people. I believe it is something that we, as believers, are going to have to have to attract other people to God.

Talladega Nights, with Will Farrell, is one of my preferred movies. It holds a very special place in my heart. Not because of Farrell, but because it was filmed in my home town and surrounding areas. I love the movie too, because it is so comical.

The vicinity where Ricky Bobby and his dad were trying to get Ricky to drive with the lion in the back seat was where I use to take my dad his lunch at the textile mill in McAdenville, NC. The scene of Ricky hitting the woman with the bask-cart is in Cramerton where mom and I would take the laundry at Cramerton Launderette. I could go on and on.

There are many times that I meet people and they feel that Christians are too stuffy. They don’t want their way of life. Nor do they want to have anything to do with “their God.” These same people are somewhat surprised at my humor and how I like to enjoy life. It’s because I get it.

(Shake and Bake!)

I sometimes laugh so very hard at Saturday Night Live. It’s mindless humor. I guess I stay from sickness because my immune system gets a great workout from all my laughter. You do know that laughter is very good medicine?

(That just happened!)

Now humor can go too far and the principals can disasterize their shtick by using more foul language than good. That’s not humor, that’s stupidity. I don’t understand why some humorists feel they need profanity and vulgarity. Seinfeld didn’t. (Now that’s another show I like!)

My daughter, Meredith, has spread her wings in comedy. She’s always wanted to do it and she does a tremendous job with it. Check out our website and you’ll see her picture, click on it and you’ll see some video clips of her last gig. She really made me laugh at that one. I love to laugh.

Laughter is something God gave us to enjoy life, and I don’t think for one minute that Jesus never laughed. Yes Jesus. Now there is one man who could have had a great sense of humor. I know he was here on a mission, but He was also our example and representative of the Father. I do wish that the writers of the gospels would have added slightly more about the laughter of Jesus.

So, enjoy your day, laugh a lot and stay well.

And remember, if you’re not first, you’re last.

That’s what I think about it.



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