Who Wants To Believe This?

painDo you realize pain is pain? It doesn’t really matter how it is incurred or inflicted. Whether you have a toothache or a broken leg, pain is still pain. Now, grant it, the intensity of a particular pain makes a difference in the tolerance of that pain, but still, it is pain.

When we look at the way pain is inflicted, we have to understand that it occurs either by accident or intention. It can be caused by falling down the stairs or by someone pushing us down the stairs. However, the results of both actions are the same; pain.

When pain leaves us, it often leaves a calling card behind. It is called a “scar.” The scar, be it large or small, is a reminder that we had pain, and it was intense. The scar is the equivalent of the pain being gone. It is the remnant. However, in all this, there are certain scars, called “adhesions,” that can cause even more pain. See, scars (whether emotional or physical) are not all the same. Some scars mean the pain is gone, while others are the nagging reminder that we have suffered. Ironically, pain is something we don’t want in our lives, and yet, it is something we can’t escape.

Many try to hide their pain. Some try to mask the pain with drugs, alcohol or even food. While others try to put make up on their scars, so that you cannot see the pain they have suffered.

But I have a better remedy that I read about if you care to believe it. Who wants to believe this with me?

I read in the scriptures in Isaiah chapter 55, verse one, that the question is asked, “Who believes what we’ve heard and seen? Who would have thought that God’s saving power would look like this? (The Message.)

So true.

Who will believe what Jesus did for us? Who will believe that, out of His agape, He died for us so that our sorrows would be minimal? Isaiah 55:4 tells us that He took our burdens, hurts and pains because he “agaped” us. Can you believe that? And verse 5 said it was so that we could (and would) have peace as a result of us believing. And allowing Him to become our burden bearer and our scar carrier, would mean that we wouldn’t have to carry those things. We, in essence, become “freed from them.” Who wants to believe that?

I do. I want to. I must. I have to. I fiercely need to.

And you should too.

Put the drugs down. Quit pouring the drinks. Get rid of all that junk food. It’s not necessary. The burden/scar carrier has taken your pain for you. Just believe it! It’s true.

That’s what I think about it.

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4 responses to “Who Wants To Believe This?

  1. Without a doubt, the best blog you’ve written. I want to be one of those who believes it – not just in my head but also in my heart and in my spirit. How wonderful to be free of the pain and the scars.

  2. How beautifully you put it. I can’t help but cry when I think of the pain Jesus endured for me. God Bless you and the thanks for the inspiring blogs you share with us.

  3. Pounding an internal head against the wall
    Learning how to crawl
    When all you can do is fall

    Falling down
    Everywhere you go
    Leaning against a wall
    But the wall is never there

    The voices fumbling through the echoes of my mind

    The pain, so much to bare
    Even though its been borne for me

    Not forgiving myself
    Even though He forgave it all for me

    This misery filled emptiness
    Scars on the inside screaming out
    The ones that no one can see hurt the most

    Open scars of tear filled agony
    Pain given, pain taken

    Innocence lost, never to regain
    So many think they know how I feel
    Yet they have never walked in my shoes
    Felt what I’ve felt
    Done what I’ve done
    Remember what I remember

    I close my eyes and relive it all each night
    Mind racing, never stopping

    Everything I’ve done or not done
    Everyone I’ve hurt and been hurt by

    The loved ones I love
    But they don’t know I love them
    Because of actions that can’t be undone

    Wrestling with this endless chasm
    A void that has no end

    Forgive me Father
    For only You know what I do

    My shameless waste of human space
    So filled with nothing
    That nothing is all that remains

    A death wish that I can’t fulfill
    A death given by the One
    His only Son

    No matter what I say or do
    He gave it all, so I don’t have to fall

    Every time I try, I see His blood stained face

    If I’m still dying inside then why did He have to die?

    A shell of pitiful existence
    That can only be loved by someone who has stepped through
    Stepped through and taken this pain for me and you

    Carrying me so many times
    Even when I didn’t care to carry myself

    Breathing the only life possible into me
    ‘cuz I had given my last breath

    Saving me so many times
    Even when I screamed at Him to let me die
    He would not turn loose

    An unfathomable love that only He can give
    Given freely because He first loved me

    Even when I didn’t love myself
    He would not let go my hand

    A nail scarred hand, never letting go of our hand

  4. My friend on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came here.

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