You Loved Me, and I Didn’t Know It

logoI hear people often say that they’ve met up with old high school friends and were told surprising stories of how they learned that these people had a secret love for them in high school. Their reaction was like usual, “You loved me, and I didn’t know it.” Now, years later, they learn of hidden love of the heart from a friend that admired them from a distant but never shared it with anyone.

They told me that after meeting these old friends that they would ponder what they said for days. Thoughts of what could have been or what might have happened–had they know this love for them. Surely, there might have been a mutual attraction or at least a “give it a shot” type of relationship. One never knows.

Many people don’t realize that, centuries ago, there was a law that stated if we didn’t fulfill the demands of God, then our future was nothing. The bleakness of not having a future or a hope was based on our ability to meet those demands. The problem was that the demand was beyond the ability of humankind to meet those demands. It was like we were set up. We were asked to do something that no one person born to the human race could do.

However, there came a new word into the language of man that we didn’t know about. It was the word agape. It was a different kind of love. We knew in part about some of the love that was placed in us as it related to our physical love for our lovers and emotional love for our close friends and family. However, we didn’t know about this love. This “agape” love not only included touching and liking love, but it went a step further into a love that only God knew.

Jesus introduced this agape to the world as having brought it from heaven and given it to mankind. In fact, He expressed agape in clear language when He said, “There is no greater agape than when a friend gives his life for another friend.” This is found in the scriptures in John 15:13. He wanted us to understand this new love. A love that people had not experienced or known of. It was a love that would be misunderstood by some, not understood by others and welcomed by those to whom it was revealed.

He even said that he agaped me, Timothy, even before I was born. He agaped me before I even knew him. He agaped me, and I didn’t even know it. Wow! That’s great.

He agapes you as well. He wants us to understand this new love and allow it to be a part of us. He wants his children, His family, to agape each other so much, that we would literally be willing to give our lives for each other. That’s heavy, huh? No, that’s agape.

Now that I know it, I welcome it. I need it. I love it.

That’s what I think about it.

DTW – http://www.exaltationchurch.comeclogo3


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