Pastor Timothy’s Biography,
A real pastor to real people

Pastor Timothy is the kind of guy who is passionate about his relationship with God.Everyone
who hears him speak says the same thing, “He is so exciting and so passionate!” And why

shouldn’t he be? He has discovered the remedy for the disconnect between religion and reality and he’s sharingthat secret with anyone who will listen.Whitworth is not your typical preacher/pastor. Having been in the ministry for many years, hehas developed a style that is “down to earth and easy to understand.” Those who come week
after week to hear him will testify that you never get bored. His preaching always encourages
you and leaves you with an excitement that keeps you going for the entire week.

As a musician who plays the keyboard with the dynamics of a “rocker” or the sensitivity of a
virtuoso, he insists that the praise and worship be not only heard with the ear but felt with the
soul. As a vocal and Bible major in college, he loves to sing praises directly to God either as a newly written song or scriptures straight out of the Bible.

Pastor Timothy has worked with some of the best in the ministry. However, he chooses not to
list them here because he’s not trying to impress anyone, but just wants to lead everyone to
the Master himself. If you ask him, he’ll share with you, but that’s about to the extent he’ll go.
Whitworth is the kind of pastor that you’d love to have because he wants to be a friend to all
and loves being around people.

Children are of a particular interest to Pastor Timothy because
it was his home pastor that lovingly guided him into the ministry at a very young age. He loves
and protects and sees to it that every child is taken care of in particularly at EC.

Pastor Timothy founded EC along with his wife, Debra and his daughter and son in law, because
he wanted others to understand the fundamental differences between religion and a
relationship with Jesus Christ. He often uses the illustration that when he comes home, he
doesn’t kiss the marriage certificate (used here as an icon for religion), but kisses his wife, the
one with whom he loves. He wants authentic believers to have a relationship with Jesus that is
openly honest, communicative and dependent.

Many times, Whitworth will share stories of his love for golf, basketball or life in general as he is
usually dressed in jeans and dress shirt (though sometimes you might see him in a suit). His
anecdotes warms the soul, brings laughter to the heart and sometimes a tear to the eye. His
uniqueness is not in his delivery of the sermon but the results in the lives of those who hear

As a former worship leader and producer of musicals, he loves in the same way, to
produce lives who are constantly making an impact on others. As he says, “If you can’t make an
impact on yourself, you can’t make an impact on others

Pastor Timothy loves to help people become successful. His coined phrase, “success bears the
scars of sacrifice” indicates what he has been through as a person. He will tell you that those in
the ministry are not immune to the pressures of life. However, there is one who will help you
through those pressures.


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