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Where Have All The Men Gone?

rosie1Pete Seeger wrote the song, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”  The lyrics in the song continue to say, “long time passing” and “when will they ever learn?”  I feel like singing that song today and changing the lyrics to, “Where have all the men gone? Long time passing. When will they ever learn?”  We are living in a time where the women have been forced to step to the front because men have either quit taking their rightful spot as leaders or have acquiesced to stronger women. Where have all the men gone?

When I look at churches and even my own church, the ratio of women to men is right at the average of the survey; six women to every four men.  Can you grasp that?  For every 10 people who attend church services on Sunday morning, four of them are men.   It is irony to know that a man who selected 12 other men to help Him start Christianity has now developed into a feminist organization. Where have all the men gone?

Most men in the church, as a whole, would rather not hear that statistic.  They want to know that the men are still strong and doing well.  Well, sad to tell you, that is not the case.   I, for one, am grateful for every man and boy in my church.  I tell them so.  They, I’m sure like most men in church today, do their best at whatever they put their hands too.  Where have all the men gone?

I even heard a startling report that the majority of the protesters in Iran are women.  Women are forced to come to the forefront and do what men are expected to do but have abandoned their posts.  Where have all the men gone?

Now I’m not naïve enough to think that all this stuff about men is all their fault.  I know there are some women who would just rather the men stay at home and let them do all the leadership responsibility.  However, I think I would be safe to say that this attitude would be the opinion of the minority.

Is this how we’re going to end this world?  Is this where the future of the world is heading?  I don’t know.  But what I do hope is that men would come out of the dugout, pick up a bat and step up to the plate.  While I know it’s comfortable in the dugout with the bench, water and the shade, it’s time to play ball.  Where have all the men gone?

That’s what I think about it.

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The Label Says Cotton Blend But I know Better!

cotton_labelI come from a background of textiles.  Yes, Gaston County, North Carolina was my hometown area, and our bread and butter were textiles.  I didn’t know anything else for 18 years.  My dad and mom worked in it all their lives.  It was nothing for me to see my dad covered in lint from the top of his head to the tops of his shoes.  The fragrant smell of cloth, yarn, cotton and material dye permeated our clothes, our house and our town.

Even now, I find myself buying a new garment and putting it up to my nose to get a nostalgic smell and memory of my childhood days. I know that someone has just used the label to sell me a cheap product.

I overheard a conversation recently with some pastors and one pastor’s comment was that he makes sure that they are “Christians” before he marries them.  I interjected into the conversation.  I explained how that it is a sad commentary, as there are non-Christians who have better marriages than Christians a lot of the time.

Just because someone wears the label “Christian” it doesn’t always mean what we think it means.  However, many choose to use that label to be accepted by others, to gain favor in business relationships or even to gain a position or favor swinging the pendulum to their side.

When folks wear the label and don’t measure up to the standards of what Christ meant–it sadly devalues the entire family of believers.  So what do we do about it?  We continue to show others what it means to be 100% Christian and not a blend of good and evil.  Even Jesus said that there would be tares among the wheat.  Tares look like wheat until maturation at harvest time.  The wheat bows over with the golden top.  However, the tares stand upright and proud.

Interesting that wheat bows while tares pridefully do not.  Yes, there are people who look like, smell like, act like and even wear the label of Christian that live among us.  In actuality, they are just not Christians.  Jesus said at harvest time, he would take care of them.

Remember, it might say it on the label, but it doesn’t mean it is the read deal.

That’s what I think about it.


Tattoos: Not For Me

religious-christian-jesus-neck-tattoos-flash-designs-tattoo-pictures-gallery-tattoo-art2Tattoos have been around for as long as anyone can remember. They are an art to themselves. Some people have dedicated their lives to doing the work of tattoos. Some call it skin art. Others have used their bodies as a canvas for tattoo artists.

In doing research for this topic I found four interesting facts from a Harris Survey.

o Thirty-six percent of those ages 18 to 25, and 40 percent of those ages 26 to 40, have at least one tattoo, according to a fall 2006 survey by the Pew Research Center.

o The National Geographic News stated in April 2000 that 15% of Americans were tattooed (or approximately 40 million people!)

o Esquire Magazine estimated in March 2002 that 1 in 8 Americans was tattooed.

o According to the American Society of Dermatological Surgery, they stated in 2005, that of all the people they treat with laser and light therapy, only 6% are getting a tattoo removed.

o Harris Poll, 2003, estimates that fully 36% of those aged 25-29 have one or more tattoos.

o A 2006 a study done by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that 24% of Americans between 18 and 50 are tattooed; that’s almost one in four. And the survey showed that about 36% of Americans age 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo!

There are Christians who feel that having a tattoo is taboo. They adhere to the Old Testament principal that marking up your body is wrong. Other Christians have no problem with it and many have religious tattoos placed on their body to honor God.

Some Christians do it for fun. Some out of curiosity.

Me? Well I’ve thought about it several times. Sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes out of doing something I had never done before. As my personal belief whether it is right or wrong? I think this one is totally up to the individual and his relationship to God. I don’t find anything wrong with doing it as long as it is in good taste.

Now would I get one? Most likely not. For reasons you might be surprised. I dislike anything with pain. I definitely don’t like the idea of a needle blasting my skin so many times. But then again, I’m won’t rule it out either.

That’s what I think about it.

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Don’t Believe The Lie

eveappleI was in a meeting once where a man said, “nobody wants Jesus Christ shoved down their throat.” But then I had to ask the question, “Who is doing that?” When is the last time someone tried to shove Jesus Christ “down your throat?” No, stranger, no one I’ve ever met for the very first time has ever tried. Maybe I am different.

So, I thought about the origins of that statement, and I immediately found it to be nothing more than a scare tactic; a complete fabrication of the truth. A lie.

The sad fact of the matter is that we have accepted it–hook, line and sinker. The place we feel we cannot share one good thing about Jesus is at work. Go ahead, admit it. You are concerned that if you share, one of two things will happen; one, you will be embarrassed by others and two, you will (more than likely) be called in to the boss. Right?

Don’t believe the lie.

You have the greatest answer in the world for your friends and family’s problems. You have what they are looking for. If you, for one minute, hesitate to give them the answer, they could end up messing things up for their lives and others because you believed the lie.

They need you. They want you to share. They are looking for answers and you have them.

Why carry around the very medicine that people need in time of trouble and not give it to them?

Let me give you a hand here.

Someone has constant health problems. You know it and so does everybody else. Now, once they understand the relationship factor of peace with Jesus Christ, the stress and problematic lifestyle they have been living goes down on the charts. They begin to feel better in their body, they spend less money at the doctor’s and they become a happy person once again. See what it is? It is all because YOU took the time to share about the peace of Jesus Christ.

(Your boss will appreciate it too.)

Now, open up those medicine bags and begin sharing.

That’s what I think about it.

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Christian Cannibalism On the Rise!

cannibal-zoomIt is so incredible to me how we have so many believers in our community, state, country and world and we still can’t agree on enough similarities to bring us together. If we would, that could ultimately make us such a powerful force in the world. This force would impact lives for the greater good of Jesus Christ.

I’ve been allied with groups that had “lines of demarcation,” not for unbelievers, but for believers. If you had long hair you couldn’t be a leader. If you listened to music where the strong beats were on two and four you were considered “worldly” and unusable in the church. (I’m not making this stuff up!) Clapping in the church was not allowed.

Now we have to have traditional or contemporary services to try to please everyone. The preachers must wear liturgical garb, suits or shirts that are not tucked in and jeans. The choir wears robes or their best attire or no choir allowed–only praise teams. People can wear jeans or what they want to or they must be dressed in suits, ties or dresses. The 11 o’clock hour on Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America. White people don’t know how to have “church” and African –American churches are just too emotional. We either know how to “flow in the Spirit” or we do not stand unless there is an asterisk beside that part of the order in the church bulletin.

We eat our own. We devour our brothers and our sisters. We consume that which we should be edifying. If we don’t agree with them, we become at odds with them. If they don’t agree with us, we are looked upon with disdain and contempt. If they don’t play by our rules we kick them out of the game of “church and religion.”

Can we not hear what we are saying?

Can we not see what we are doing to each other?

Where is the Christian leadership of our communities? Who is stepping up to the podium to say, “Follow me, we will get the work done?” Where are those who understand what it’s going to take to get Virginia and America back to where we trust God once again?

At this point we can’t agree on anything much less try to be a force for the enemy to reckon with. I am sorry that we cannot. We should be doing a much better job at getting along.

We have got to become less disturbed about theological differences and more concerned about attacking the adversary. Word here; our brothers and sisters in Christ are not our opponents. Let us vent our resentment where it should be vented; at Satan.

We have to be as David and say, “Is there not a cause?”

Let us resolve to make a greater impact for Christ beginning today than ever before.

That’s what I think about it.


Making An Impact; Mentally


Christians need to be making an impact in our country in five areas; physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and financially.

I’ve never known of a time where people are so medicated because of mental conditions.

We as Christians have got to make an impact on our culture in this area.

In a world where many Christians are view as being schizophrenic or delusional, we’ve got to get to the place where we are complimented because of our mental capability instead of criticized for it.

We ought to have some of the smartest and most brilliant people on the planet.

Christ ought to be praised because of the mental accomplishments of people.  He taught us to be wise not stupid.

The Bible teaches us to do all to the glory of God, not just get by.

We cannot be poster children of the dumb, lazy and unlearned.

Even in the pulpits some pastors show their ignorance by not sufficiently studying or having educational qualifications needed for intelligent leadership.  (I’ve actually heard some brag on their lack there of)

Our society should have men and women who excel in life because of Christianity and their relationship to Jesus Christ.

Our schools of higher education should have students who are Rhodes scholars and honor students who purposefully strive for mental success as a result of being a follower of Jesus Christ.

If we’re going to make an impact on our world we’ve got to make it a point to be the best academically as we possibly can be for the cause of Christ.

Let’s make an impact on those around us by being more mentally alert, astute and aware.

Christian doctors, lawyers, financial investors, senators and such will be more able to reach men and women and boys and girls for Jesus than most would.

What are we waiting on?

Let’s make a mental impact.

That’s what I think about it.

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Why Hide Things From Your Spouse?

marriage_460xSo you get married, and the time spent in courtship was heavenly. You shared everything. Why, because you were in love. You couldn’t spend enough time with that person. However, as you matured and find out more about yourself and your spouse, some things slowly begin to change.

You begin to learn your spouse has idiosyncrasies; behavioral characteristics. Unfortunately, you begin to learn that there are just some things that they don’t agree with you on or things that get on your last nerve or even things that make you appalled about them. Gross.

Somewhere along the line you start becoming cautious and guarded in what you say to them, knowing that the wrong word might trigger a response that you just wouldn’t quite like or in which you agree. In fact, you become so selective that you tread on the line between deception and lying. There are just some things you don’t want them to know about you. Why do you do that?

Well for one, you just don’t have the courage or the freedom to discuss this with them. You already know how they are going to respond, so why even bring it up, right? You already know that they either won’t like it, will disagree with you or they will be offended that you even thought of such a thing, much less you hiding it from them.

Look, sit down with your spouse and be unyielding and resolute that the future is going to be healthier than the past. Don’t evaluate or live your future according to your past. Quit trying to play fortune teller and act like you know the future. Go into the conversation believing that things are going to be improved, that you believe in yourself and your other half, and get things out in the open once again. However, one word of caution; use wisdom.

Wisdom comes from God, so be prayerful. Ask God to help you as you enter into this get-together. Then, by faith, believe that you and your spouse are going to come out on the other side of the discussion better people. Go slow, and be very articulate. You’ll find marriage can be greater and better than ever.

That’s what I think about it.

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