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God is the Truth Maker and we are the truth takers

I love the fact that I have no progiving_receivingblem in believing God and His word.  I mean, what else is there that works so great to make and cause me to have a great life and to live a great life? When everything else around me is either failing or crumbling, I know for a fact that the Great Truth Maker is giving me insight to how I should believe, how I should act, what I should say and what I should expect.  That makes me a truth taker.

I take what He says at face value regardless of the ‘opinion’ mill out there or the nay-sayers who don’t want to believe the Truth Maker!

That’s the awesomeness of knowing God and knowing He has my best interest at heart.  Because of that, whatever He says about me–I’m going to receive as truth and not as His opinion of me.  What He says is so much better for me than anything I know of in life.

I’ve been around those who want to give me their opinion but that and 3.99 will get me my favorite coffee drink at Starbucks; caramel macchiato latte.  I’ve learned to listen to what God has to say and have fared so much better in life because of it.

I want to be a winner and not a loser.  I want to be a victor and not a victim.  I want to be successful and not a failure.  I can be all things through Christ who strengthens me.

So, it’s my choice, and I chose to be a truth taker.  I listen to the Truth Maker.  He’s making a lot of Truth and will always make a lot.

That’s what I think about it.

Timothy – http://www.exaltationchurch.com


YOU Give Them Permission To Frustrate You



Yes, YOU give them permission. By your actions and by your words you say, “Go ahead, frustrate me to no end, I love it.”

Now grant it, you don’t like it, but they don know it. Sometimes you’ve even thought that YOU had patience with people.  Quit fooling yourself, it’s not patience, it’s endurance.

Many days you are so weary, not from what you do in life, but because you’ve allowed others to inflict verbal pain on you. You not only get frustrated with them, you get frustrated with yourself because you let them do it to you.

You wish they wouldn’t.  Your feelings get hurt when they do it, especially the people you love the most.  You would think they would know how you feel.

Now let me share some powerful information with you.  Are you listening? Are you paying attention?  Now look at me.

Stop giving them permission!

Quit allowing them to do this to you.  The Bible says that patience is a fruit of the Spirit.  But what you’re doing is trying to grow a fruit but you kill it with your disdain for those who frustrate you.

It is perfectly fine to say to someone, “It is my preference that you not talk to me that way.”  Now I hear you.  You say, “But I have to be nice or I’ll be fired from my job or I’ll lose my marriage.”  Who said anything about being mean or ugly?  Do it with a smile.  You have a right to say to others exactly how you feel about them frustrating you.

The more you do it, the easier it will get.  Tell them just like you tell them it’s a beautiful day or isn’t this great weather.

Try it, go ahead.  I dare you.  You’ll find out that you’ll be happier and others will respect you more.

Now quit giving permission to others to frustrate you and start enjoying your life.

That’s what I think about it


What Are You Doing This Sunday; December 14?

celebrating-editOk, what do you have planned for this coming Sunday?  Going out of town?  Staying home?  Playing Golf?  Going to a football game?  Working in the yard?


Let me give you another choice.  How about coming to my church on this Sunday?  Now you ask, “Why should I be present at your church this Sunday?”  It’s because you’re going to hear something like you’ve never hear before.  I never preach re-runs it’s always new.  My worship leader always has great music with several great singers in between, along with the band, and you would meet some great people.


Now you’re either listening to my blog here on 89.7 FM in Richmond on AFR or you’re reading my written blog at www.whatithinkaboutit.wordpress.com.  Either way, I’ve captured your attention.  You might be a habitual listener.  You’ve already determined that what I say is either exceptional, not the average, down to earth or not what you would expect out of a minister.  I totally agree with you and I diagram it that way.


Another reason you should consider attending is that you most likely are like millions in our country who go to church and don’t like it and you feel like you’re in a catch 22 situation.  You want to disappear but don’t know where to go.  You want to find something better but don’t know where to look.  Quit looking. 


I guarantee you that you would enjoy what you will hear, feel and see at Exaltation Church.  We are at 1813 Gildenborough Court in Midlothian, VA for a short time.  We’re in the process of purchasing property, even talking to some people who are thinking about donating the property.  We are going to build our church somewhere in the Salisbury Community area.  Do you understand that there are only two churches in Salisbury?  We want to be the third. 


Ok, here’s the arrangement.  You need to help me by coming to church this Sunday and assist me in reach at least 200 people.  Would you be one of the 200 who would attend the 10:30AM service?  I would love to see you there.  Call me at 804-378-6095 and tell me you’re coming. I’ll give you more details.


What about that.  A minister getting on the radio or writing a want ad blog asking for people to help him reach the 200 mark this Sunday.  Let’s do it!  Let’s make it happen.  What do you say?


That’s what I think about it.


DTW – www.exalationchurch.com

Some Pastors; The Untouchables

You know, I‘ve ministered in some huge churches.  The largest church I worked in was a church of 5 thousand plus.  The pastor at this church educated me about a lot of things.  One thing he  educated me on was how in touch he was with his employees and parishioners.  In fact, almost everyone in the congregation had his cell phone number, imagine that.


I also have a friend who pastors a large church and he is in touch with his people as well.  In fact, I was amused when we were together how many calls he got from his people.  However, he was gracious and was a good listener when they called.


Then again, there are some pastors that you couldn’t get in contact with if your life depended on it.  They have a reputation for it.  Some say “he never answers his calls” or “he never returns his phone calls”.  What’s up with that?  Cut his cell phone budget or take it away from him.  Come on.


I’ve attended some churches where after the service the pastor or the special guest is whisked away from view as if he were the president of the United States.  They didn’t want anybody to converse with him or to make contact with him.  This is so ostentatious.  There is no good reason why any church pastor should do this to themselves or to their guest speakers.  Give your people a chance to fellowship with you.


I commented to a senior pastor in Nashville one time about his behavior.  He pastors a church of almost 10 thousand people.  I asked him if he had body guards.  He and his associate pastor laughed at me.  Body guards?  Yeah.  They asked why they needed such.  He said, “Son, I’ve been in the ministry 50 some years and I’ve always done the same thing.  I walk down the steps from the pulpit and make my way to the back shaking hands with the people I love.” 


I guess you could say he’s “old school.” 


Some pastor now days have an entourage and body guards like they were Puff Daddy or something.  Maybe we ought to call them Puff Pastor.


Come on pastors, lighten up.  Give you people a chance to communicate with you.  If not, give up your credentials and go work for the secret service, I’m sure they have openings.


That’s what I think about it.


DTW – http://www.exaltationchurch.com